Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Using dropper

Today we did another Montessori activity - Transferring water using dropper. Dheekshu had some difficulties first but she learnt with in 2 mins and it became 30 mins activity. For every transfer, she pours back the water to the first container. Once she got bored, she started writing alphabets using the dropper in the water. Then she forgot about the dropper, tried to transfer water using hands for some times. Then she poured the water in the first container to the second and did not know what to do with the remaining water and threw remaining on the ground. So much mess but very much fun. I was quite surprised to see Dheekshu playing in water as she does not like wet place. Even a drop of water makes her run from the place saying the place is wet. Today she did not mind about her dress being wet. May be she liked the activity very much.

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