Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Salt and Sugar

I wanted to try a tasting activity. I kept two cups each of sugar and salt. I asked Dheekshu to taste salt first. It was a big mistake. After that, she did not want to taste any of the cups. Then I tasted the sugar around 4 times and telling her that it was not salt. Then she tasted sugar and identified it correctly as sugar. We did sorting using the taste. After the activity, she wanted to eat the whole cup of sugar. It became a bit difficult to remove the cups from her. I am planning to cook similar items differing only by taste and do the sorting again later.
We did crayon rubbing using a leaf. Just stick a leaf securely on a table. Place a white sheet over the leaf and secure it. Rub using the side of the crayon to get the impression of the leaf on the paper. Dheekshu applied a lot of pressure and scribbled and did not get a nice impression. Lost interest. So we tried painting using the leaf as the brush. She was doing that for sometime and decided to paint with the hand rather than leaf. She enjoyed the activity.

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