Monday, July 28, 2008

Matching upper case and lower case

Dheekshu is comfortable identifying upper case letters. However yet to learn about lower case letters. I was little worried whether she may get confused by the concept of upper and lower case. So to make it simple, I took alphabet flash cards and the lower case letters I created using Felt. The flash cards have both upper and lower case letters. She had to match the upper case letters of the flash cards with the lower case letters of the felt. I started with letters like 'c' 'k' 'm' 'u' 's' in which the both upper and lower case letters look similar. Dheekshu was not very comfortable or interested. She did it for one or two letters and said "done". OK.. This activity is postponed for now.

We got the books "Mouse Paint" and "Mouse Shapes" both by Ellen Stoll Walsh from our library. Dheekshu loved Mouse paint. The mouse dancing in Paint puddle was really cute and it teaches about mixing colours too. As soon as I completed reading the book, she ran to take her paint and started mixing the colours and verified. We both love the book.

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