Monday, July 7, 2008

Salty water colour

The inspirtaion for this project is from the Artfulparent. The flow from our glue bottle was very little and hence we could create only thin lines using the glue. Dheekshu tasted the salt before covering the glue with it. I think she did like the taste. After covering the glue with salt, we need to touch the art with water colour paint. That was the difficult part as she scrubbed with the brush. We have kept our art for drying.

We did the classic "Paint blot". We folded the paper, unfolded it again and dropped few drops of paint on the fold. Folded the paper again and applied some pressure on the paper. When we opened the paper, we could see beautiful design on both sides of the fold. It was a fun activity and though the design can be predicted, it was fun to watch the design when we open the folding.


  1. The blot painting looks nice...btw, how do you prepare the salty water color?

  2. I am sorry if the words confused you. It is basically draw with glue directly from the glue bottle, pour salt over the glue immediately. The salt will create 3D effect. Touch them with the brush coated with water color. The water color will spread in the salt. Dry.

  3. Thanks a lot for the explanation dear...


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