Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Remembering things

Once we got "Painting Transfer" kit. We need to place the picture on the kit on a surface and by just rubbing, the picture gets transferred to the surface. To try it on a surface, I used one of Dheekshu's toys. It worked great. From the time onwards, she used to rub on the painting every time she uses that particular toy with the blocks like what I did. For the past 6 months, we did not touch that toy. Yesterday when she took out the toy, she started rubbing on the painting. We were quite amazed to see her doing this. She remembers even my 2 mins action. That forced me to act properly every time as the action may be reproduced some other time :-).

Two months back, I drew a cat and duck on her magnetic doddle pro and asked her to draw a line from the cat to duck just to make her understand the concept of mazes. She was not interested and we stopped it with in a minute. Today she asked me to draw a dog. I drew a dog (my version of dog) and a cat. Immediately she drew a line between the cat and dog. I could not understand why she was doing that. She thought for a second and asked me to draw a cat and a duck. Once I did, she drew a line from the cat to the duck. I was quite amazed to see her remembering even those 2 animals I drew on that day even though the life of the activity was only one minute. That remind me about absorbent mind said by Marai Montessori.

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