Monday, July 28, 2008

Another salty water colour

We got a new glue bottle for Dheekshu. She wanted to use it as soon as we came back from shopping . I gave her the paper and the glue bottle. She drew some markings with the glue. That remind me about the salty water colour we did once. I wanted to try that once again by myself as it looked very interesting. I sprinkled the salt and started painting with thin acrylic paint. First I touched the brush on the salt and I could see a bit of salt coming off in the brush. Then I dropped the paint from the brush by having the brush a bit above the salt. It was too good to watch the paint spreading on the salt. The output was very good and I loved it. May be I will try this with Dheekshu again.

While I was doing the painting, I gave her tempera paint just to have my own time. She was very excited to paint herself.

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