Monday, June 23, 2008

Ice hunting

This is another idea I got from Crafty crow. To make Ice hunting, fill a vessel with 1/3 of water. Place some treasures in the water and freeze them. Once a layer of ice is formed, make another layer in the same fashion like filing another 1/3 with water and placing some other treasures. Make the third layer in the similar fashion. We used plastic toys, animals, beads, buttons, spoon etc. as treasures.

We had planned this activity for the father's day. Since it happened to be a rainy day, we postponed it for the last week end. Even the last week end was a rainy day. So this outdoor activity had become an indoor activity. It was a huge hit in our house. Dheekshu was playing with it for more than an hour. Her father explained her about Ice forming from water and water coming from rain etc. Not sure how much she understood.

As soon as she saw the water from Ice, she started playing with it. She took two tumblers and started pouring between them. Overall it was a fun activity.

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