Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mystery Bag

We tried this activity few days back and Dheekshu was not interested. So we tried again today. She liked it very much this time. I took a metal pig and a plastic Giraffe. I showed her both and kept only one in the bag without showing her which one I am keeping. Then I put my hand inside the bag and said pig without looking the object and took the pig out. She got the idea and wanted to try. So we repeated with Girafee and she was able to find out. Then I placed both pig and Giraffe and asked her to pick the pig. She did that correctly. Then I introduced two more plastic animals - elephant and camel. She was not able to differentiate using the shapes. She was doing previously using the material. So I am planning to do this activity with different materials first and then slowly introduce different objects of the same material.

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